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Interviews to Grow Your Prospect List

By Renee Shannon  May 30, 2016

Grow Your Prospect List - Depositphotos_35625999_s.jpgI get asked everyday by clients, “How do I blog to build my prospective customer list? I want to have a big list to market my services!”

There are many ways to do this, but today we are going to focus on creating dynamic content by interviewing customers, experts or thought leaders you already know.

Blogging can definitely give most of us writer’s block at one time or another. Interviews not only give you an opportunity to have blog seen by more people other than your own list, it gives you tons of great content!

Here are a few simple steps to take today to build your sales funnel full of great new leads!

  • Brainstorm relationships you already have.
    • Think of your best customers, your RAVING fans! These are folks that will be happy to talk to you and help you brag about your products or services.
    • Think of your mentors, teachers and coaches. These contacts are usually eager for opportunities to share who they are to a larger audience.
    • Think of Thought Leaders that you have made contact with in your industry. This can be a stretch, but reach out and see if you can form an alliance and interview them for your cause.
    • Get informed! Check out their website, their blog, and their social media accounts. See what they are up to, and what their audience likes and interests are.
      • If someone is “blog worthy” or “interview worthy” make sure you are subscribed to all their social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
      • Comment on their posts and get involved in conversations they are currently having with their customers. Show you are genuinely interested in their business and what they are up to as well.


Now you are ready!

Once you have chosen who you are wishing to interview, and you have made your presence known in their Social Media world, it is time to make contact!

  • Ask to interview them for a blog feature
  • Give them an outline of questions they can have the opportunity to look over before the interview.
  • Think of alliance opportunities you can develop with this contact. Discuss and brainstorm where you would like this interview to take both of your audiences. For example:
    • Do you want to develop a webinar after the interview that you promote in the interview?
    • Do you have a referral program/affiliate program/partnering program. These are items to make sure you mention and include in your proposal.
    • Make sure your questions are relevant to what they are up to currently in their business.
      • i.e. research their current business and what they are offering, make reference to that in your questions. It is a way to show you are helping them by promoting what they are up to while they are helping you by their “celebrity” endorsement.
      • Don’t be shy! Tell them what you want them to mention or promote in your business! This is your opportunity not only to shine a light on them, but to have them shine a light right back on you!
      • Don’t forget to ask them to post the interview on their blog. You want to simply put a link to your website and a small reference to who you are. This allows your new visitors to link back to you and discover who you are.
      • Tell them how you will conduct the interview, i.e via SKYPE or a recorded conference call, or written form
      • Be sure no matter if they accept the interview or they reject it, thank them with a thank you note or a thoughtful gift.


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