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Using Hashtags with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

By Renee Shannon  May 7, 2017

Using Hashtags with Twitter, Instagram and Facebookhashtags! Let’s explore some of the ways to use #hashtags correctly and effectively in your social media campaigns.

A Little History on Hashtags

Twitter originated hashtags as a way to organize content and tweets. It has expanded to organize Instagram posts and now Facebook has jumped on the hashtag wagon. Click on any #hastag you see and you can explore how they work in these social media environments.

How Do You Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are a way to start conversations around an important subject. It is important to use hashtags in a judicious way, with choice words that you use over and over again that you wish to drive information or traffic to a deeper audience base. Hashtag words and phrases that other thought leaders are using hashtags. This allows you to get the conversations going with other groups and connect your content with others that are interested in your hashtag copy.

Getting Started with Hashtags

The way to get started with hashtags is to start to click on the hashtags you see in Facebook and on Twitter. For example, when I click on #juicing in my Twitter account, I see all the posts ever posted on Juicing in Twitter. Same thing happens in Facebook. I see all the conversations and posts ever done on Juicing in Facebook.

Be Selective with your Hashtags!

The main advice I have learned is to be selective. Click on and search some keywords you suspect will be hot for your industry and then play with some hashtags and see what the posts look like. Check out hashtagifyme.me to start to search keywords you might think are relevant to see what conversations are trending.

Twitter is a world where posts are a max of 140 characters. This is something to keep in mind when you are hashtagging, those characters add up.

In our next blog we will discuss Branding and Twitter.


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