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Search Engine Optimization - How to Get Higher Search Results in Google

By Alesia Lloyd  June 18, 2017

How to Get Higher Search Results in Google

Did you know that Google search engines give the most weight to their search results ranking for your website based in large part on the amount of dynamic and relevant keyword rich content it can find on your site? Although the SEO Ranking landscape is rapidly changing to put a higher priority on mobile friendly design, there is no arguing that providing relevant information is still the primary goal of Google and other search engines.

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So what does Search Engine Optimization mean in today’s world?

Gone are the days of just hiring an SEO expert to add your search engine meta-tags and keywords to your pages and linking up to a few good sites and calling it a day. Although meta-tags and inbound and out bound linking are still important, now-a-days you are better off proving to Google that you actually have the knowledge and information on your website to back up your keyword claims.

Be an expert in your field and have the SEO keyword rich page content to back it up.

Think about it: Google is in the business of connecting web searchers with web content that is relevant to what they are looking for. If Google doesn’t don’t do a good job at this one thing, then they will lose business. And yes, although it’s a free service, don't be fooled—Google is very much a for-profit business! So if your meta-tags and keywords are not backed up by matching, dynamic, and relevant keyword rich page content, Google will not give your meta-tag claims very much weight in its search results—and it will leave your website in the dust.

So what should you do to get higher search results in Google?

You need to participate in the online information super highway. You can’t just be passive and put up a site add a few keywords and expect results or you’ll get passed up. You need to drive down that information super highway with some kind of fuel efficient hybrid-electric sports car! You need to create content regularly, optimize your existing content and keep your website up-to date with your valuable expertise, knowledge and offerings that are relevant to your website traffic.

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How can Full Partner help with Search Engine Optimization?

One of the best ways to get search engine rich content, besides updating your design to a responsive, mobile friendly one, is by blogging. Be sure you have your Full Partner Blog set up and fully turned on for SEO, and set your calendar to remind yourself to blog regularly—even once a month is better than not at all! See this article here for great information on how to optimize your blog posts for search engine ranking.

You can also create an article library, or create a number of meaningful landing pages that are tightly key-word focused and offer quality information directed specifically to one of your featured products or services.

Just keep it up! Prove to Google, and your website visitors, that you know your stuff and that the products and services you offer are backed up by your valuable experience and knowledge in your field.

Full Partner Magnetic Marketing is here to back you up.

The bottom line is that Google actually wants to match the web searcher with relevant informative content, but maybe you don’t have time to update your website. You are busy, you are probably managing your whole business, trying to spend time with your family, exercise, you name it—and then next thing you know at the end of the day, you barely find time to breath.

We can help. At Full Partner we have staff on board who are experts at marketing and content management and we can come up with a marketing package that can suit your specific needs.

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Give us a call and let us discuss your SEO needs and how we can help you build your Search Engine Ranking organically, the way Google prefers it.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer that’s not problem either. The Full Partner Web System has Search Engine Optimization tools built right in to its Content Management System. No additional plug-ins are needed, and you don’t have to be an SEO expert. SEO Optimized Blogs, and all the tools to add Meta Tags to your pages, and SEO Keywords to your content, and to your images are all available to you at any time.

Contact us today  and let Full Partner get to work helping you to build your SEO rich content from the ground up utilizing the Full Partner web content management system.


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