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Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

By Alesia Lloyd  May 16, 2017

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization, Are your Blog Posts Feeding Those Hungry Search Engine Crawlers Enough Food?

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In return for feeding these invisible search engine crawlers, you increase your visibility in web searches and ultimately attract more and more prospects hungry to find your expertise, services and offerings. Sounds like a win-win-win—but where do you start to make sure you are feeding these invisible visitors enough of the food they really crave?

First of all you should know that these search engine crawlers are not exactly sugar addicts. They are more of a five course meal kind of a creature. So with this in mind let’s dig in and get started on your SEO meal plan.

Always Start with the SEO Appetizer

Your Blog URL.Blogging and Search Engine Optimization SEO ki8z_8mg6_121209

In Full Partner, you have a fully integrated Search Engine Optimized blog at your disposal but if it’s not set up right, you will not be able to maximize this feature. The simplest way to see if your blog is set up correctly for SEO is to make sure you’ve got your Static Site Model Page Name set, or in newer sites, this is your actual Blog Name. If you don't  have this set up yet,  don’t worry too much, this is easy to do, but you will want to give your Blog a name with some thought first. It is a relatively permanent setting. Typically you will want this name to be relevant and rich in your top three to four key word search terms, but some people just prefer the word Blog.

Feel free to contact your dedicated Full Partner support person to help you get this going, we have a lot of expertise in helping our clients come up with the most suitable Blog Name for their business.

In addition to your Blog Name, we also serve up another appetizer, appending the SEO Post Title (or "Slug!") of your individual blog posts to their respective search engine term rich URLs, making your blog URLs absolutely irresistible to the crawlers who are looking for all those yummy search engine food.

Save Room for the SEO Content Rich Main Course

It’s savvy to know however, that you really shouldn’t just throw in as many search keyword terms as you can into your SEO post titles. Your SEO posts titles should be relevant to the content of that particular blog post. It’s important to know that that the search engine crawlers will basically “read” each of your blog posts and digest them, looking for reinforcing key words and give you a higher or lower score accordingly. They will essentially compare what is in your SEO Post Title, your body H1 and H2 headers, your body text—AND don’t forget your Image Alt Titles as well. They use a complex scoring system that essentially gives more points as more keywords are re-enforced. Knowing this one fact alone will give you the best possible approach to creating your search engine nourishing blog content—and it’s basically the main course for these hungry search engine crawlers.

It’s good to realize too that your actual Blog Title and your Blog SEO Post Title do not have to match word for word. Sometimes you want to have a fun, catchy or even lengthy title to draw in the interest of your reader, which is perfectly fine. In this case its best to have the SEO Post Title remain succinct and rich in relevant keywords. But again the more they reinforce each other and the body content, the more satisfied the crawlers will actually be.

Don’t forget to Add the Blog Tags and Blog Categories for Dessert!

Blog Tags and Categories ki8z_8mg6_121209

Often people get confused between Categories and Tags. Tags are the ones actually referenced by the search engine crawlers, so make sure these are as specific and relevant as possible and again that they reinforce the content of your blog post.

Categories are more designed for your human visitor, who may want to find the general categories of your blog posts, so this gives them a means by which to find your posts broken out by subject matter.

Invite Your Guests - Ping the Search Engines and Send Out Your Blog Email to your Blog Subscribers!

Like all good meals, Blog posts are always best when shared with friends. In Full Partner when you are all ready to serve up your Blog post, we have a built in facility that Pings all the major search engines. This “Pinging” essentially is an invitation sent out inviting all the web crawlers across the web to come over for a fresh hot delicious meal.

Included in your Full Partner Blog as well is the ability to send out your blog post via email as soon as it is published, thus in effect delivering this hot and delicious meal right to the inbox your web visitors and friends to feast upon!



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