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How to Create Online Leads for Your Business


Today we'll look a few of the many ways you can build up your lead generation through online systems.

One of the fastest growing tools for generating leads today is blogging .  Blogs are weighted 60% heavier than websites in search engines because they are a regular source for fresh content. When you blog regularly you are providing value to an audience, building a relationship and giving them a chance to decide that you are someone they can like and trust. 
You can start a professional looking blog for free today by using popular software like Wordpress.

 Blog posts can also be turned into articles to be submitted to article submission sites where other website and newsletter editors go to find free content.  At the bottom of your articles you can have an offer that drives your reader to click a link to a landing page.

 A landing page, also known as a squeeze page, is a one page website with an ethical bribe like a free whitepaper, ebook or special report offered in exchange for the visitor signing up to your list.  This landing page has very little content aside from your offer and boxes for the reader to enter her name and email address. 

 The purpose of directing traffic to a landing page is to have them give you their email address before they can access your main page of information.  Statistically you have up to 8 seconds with a woman and up to 12 seconds with a man on a first time visit before they decide to stay or leave.  If you do not get their email address in that amount of time you will never hear from over 95% of your first time visitors again.

 By capturing their email address you now have permission to email them and do your best to develop a positive relationship with them.  By sending them valuable content repeatedly you will show them that you are someone they should like, trust and buy from.  After developing this relationship you will convert your visitors into high quality leads.  

 These emails can be written once, pasted into an email autoresponder system and then work for you day and night.  You can set the autoresponder to send out a campaign of emails as often as you like in any sequence that you like.

 For instance, if I signed up to your email list today by giving you my email address on your landing page, I would get an instant thank you email.  The next day I may receive part 1 of your e-course or white paper. 

 Three days later I may receive part 2 or your e-course.  Three days later I may get an email from you asking for feedback on the e-course and mentioning a link to a page on your website that gives more information on that topic and has an offer to sell me on a related product or service.  Do you see how powerful this is?  

 Another great lead generation tool is having a webinar.  This is the same as an event based conference call though you add the extra power of having an online power point presentation with the call.

 For instance, you may offer a webinar on how to solve a problem that is common for your target market.  I may learn about it from your website, your email blasts to your list, email blasts from one of your affiliate partners to their list that I’m on, a direct mail piece, banner ads on other people’s high traffic websites, posts or email blasts from a social networking site like Facebook, a tell-a-friend link from an email sent by you or one of your affiliate partners, or any other direct marketing tool.   

 There is no lack of ways to develop a great lead generation system.  You just need to pick one tactic and get started.  Then add on more and more of them to increase your promotional efforts.


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