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Migrate Package

For those with existing and operating businesses that want move their existing web presence to the Full Partner Platform.

The affordable program to move your existing web presence to the power of the Full Partner Platform. It has everything you need to get started using everything Full Partner has to offer in just four (4) weeks*:

Get started right with a 1-hour one-on-one orientation session with one of Full Partner’s expert platform consultants.

Personal assistance in electing the best cost-effective assistance to selecting the best technology subscription for you.

A fresh new professional website using one of our static templates with your own logo and content.

Bullet Sub Point Choose from nearly twenty business-ready templates
Bullet Sub Point Fifteen (15) media-rich pages (you can add more later!)
Bullet Sub Point An integrated SEO-ready Blog
Bullet Sub Point Implementation up to four (4) web forms for newsletter signups, special offers, opt-ins, or requests for information with Autoresponders
Setup of the powerful features of the Full Partner system
Bullet Sub Point Contact Management system (CRM) and import your list
Bullet Sub Point Email broadcasting
Bullet Sub Point Ecommerce system to be ready to take orders
Bullet Sub Point Events Calendar and Registration
Bullet Sub Point Learning Management System to build and offer online courses
Comprehensive 5-hour one-on-one training program to get you started on mastering the Full Partner system, so you can add your own website content, manage the features of Full Partner and begin automating your business yourself!
Assuming logos, colors and all content are web ready.


  Web-ready logo - .gif, .jpg, or .png
Web-ready content - text, images, audio and/or video embed code.
Contact list - .xls or .csv - import ready
Merchant account - username and password
Email accounts - list of desired user names and passwords
Domain name - username and password

Migration:  $600 per month for 3 months + Platform Subscription

Full Technology License and Hosting Subscription* - all inclusive $199-$399 per month

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