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Tish Hummer

Full Partner “Partnered” with me to launch my first Sales campaign for my business last January, 2010…I had no idea what I was doing. I knew what I wanted my campaign to look like but not how to do it. Full Partner and their wonderful training staff walked me through the steps with patience…My campaign included Sales pages with video, forms and register buttons, email blasts and autorespond emails and the setting up of a merchant gateway and shopping cart…. We tackled the job together. My first campaign netted my company over $5,000.00. Since, I have launched a successful E-Newsletter with a 40% open rate and numerous other successful campaigns from their platform all on my own…and an occasional tune up lesson from Alesia.

Full Partner has allowed me to brand my company with a professional look and launch a professional product at a very reasonable price per month.

There may be less expensive and even free options out there…But if you want your brand and image to say…”WOW”! Invest in yourself…IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY…

Tish Hummer
Sales Trainer/Marketing Consultant
Assured Success Consulting Services L.L.C.

Martín Zamora

The Full Partner Web System is a state-of-the-art platform that any small business should use. Since I started using it with my clients, they have dramatically improved their business' management, marketing, customer relationships, and most of all, they have increased their sales – in some cases in more than 300%.

Its flexibility, wide range of tools, and numerous integrated features allow me to fully operate my client’s online businesses in one single platform. I strongly recommend it.

Martin Zamora
Almar Marketing

Newrfield Network Portfolio

I wanted to let you know that we’ve heard lots of positive feedback on the new site since last Wednesday. Thanks to each of you for the contribution you made to it.

I’m especially grateful, as always, for your work and support, Alesia. I would not have made it through the past 2 weeks without your lightning fast response and help with every little thing I needed. I literally sleep better at night because of you!

Sara Avery
Newfield Network

Jane Butel

The entire staff at Full Partner is top notch, very professional, courteous and helpful.

They helped me to develop a fully functioning website with three interactive registration locations, marketing functions, Consumer access opportunity, an e-marketing monthly newsletter a blog and more in just a few weeks.

You will never be sorry you contracted for their "Full Partnership" of services!

Jane Butel
"Best Cooking School in the US"

QLink Connection

Full Partner has delivered us a complete platform for our web business that addresses everything we are doing and want to do in the future. The on-going support is first-rate and very attentive as we evolve our e-commerce business by continually adding new features. . We haven’t even scratched the surface to what we will eventually develop using Full Partner’s vast array of features and options. The support people I interface with are curious about our business and have become very capable collaborators in our strategy formulation and implementation.

Mark Griffith


"...I can't say enough about Full Partner's ingenious user interface, which makes it easy for me to add or miodify content directly ot my site. Full Partner puts me in full control and with the click of my mouse, my changes become life--it really is amazing..."

--Mike Kramer

Julie Chang, L.Ac.


Working with Full Partner has been instrumental in the success of our clinic for many reasons.

1. The ability to make changes to my website easily and quickly was critical for me because I didn't want the frustration of asking someone else to make simple content changes. I now have control of my website and can make as many changes as I want, whenever I want.

2. The comprehensiveness of their software has made it much easier for me to manage my contacts in one place because I don't have to use several different programs.

3. Their customer support has been consistently excellent with prompt responses to questions and problems.

4 Their ability to make more advanced custom changes to my website has provided a lot of freedom in what I want to provide for my viewers.

Full Partner has been an invaluable resource in growing my brick and mortar business which relies heavily on having an internet presence.

Julie Chang
Owner of Zen Fertility Center

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