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Experience has shown that a continuous, well implemented, multifaceted organic search engine campaign will ultimately lead to better placement with search engines than using search engine advertising alone. In fact, our best long term strategy for developing site traffic involves focused organic optimization activity over a nine month period, which allows us to reduce or eliminate paid advertising altogether.

We are proud to have the services of two very savvy women experts in the search engine optimization field on the Full Partner Team, Laura Winkleblack and Eileen Traylor. Their years of experience and constant study of the web has led to successes like the ones below.

You can do searches on the following keywords to see how effective they have been at taking websites to premium positions in their keyword categories:

• stock moulding – look for www.archmillwork.com
• coffee – look for www.coffeeuniverse.com
• dental marketing – look for www.tysonsteele.com
• cotton skirts – look for www.cottonmill.com

The plan we have developed with them is the Jump Start Plan, conducted over one year's time, which provides a comprehensive internet marketing campaign for your website. It includes:

• web evaluation
• keyword research
• search engine releases
• directory listings  
• industry links
• newsgroups
• classifieds
• ezines

Here is how the Jump Start Program works:

1) Setup

Careful evaluation of your web presence is the first step toward developing a customized marketing plan. We begin with an assessment of your web position in 10 major search engines. Though you may have received offers to submit your site to "thousands of search engines", in reality there are only a handful that truly matter.
Keywords are essential to visibility on the web. The research of our SEO  team can guide targeted customers to your site by carefully choosing a list of keywords that are relevant to your business. Keywords are written into the text on the site as well as in the "hidden" source code title and meta tags. 

2) Search Engines

Once keyword research is complete, our SEO team begins the process of search engine release, directory listings, and linking to industry specific sites. All appropriate pages of your site will be submitted to the major search engines each month. It is important to repeat these submissions monthly in order to solidify your site's position in the vast data bases of the search engines.
We also prepare your listing for submission to the following paid search engines:
• Google
• Yahoo
• Bing
• Looksmart

We are continually monitoring changes in the web, and watching for the next new thing in search engines. Remember: just a few years ago, Google was simply a research project!

3) Directories

The search engines are supported by the data bases of many smaller directories. Your site will be released to 5 different directories each month.
Link popularity is becoming increasingly important to search engine rankings, and we carefully choose legitimate, relevant sites that will drive traffic to your site. We will request links from 6 industry specific sites each month.

4) Monthly Reports

During the contract period, you will be able to track your monthly progress through a monthly report tailored to your business. We meet with clients at 3 month intervals to discuss progress and necessary changes to the plan.  We welcome more frequent meetings at your request. There is a wrap up meeting at the end of the marketing campaign to review the entire process.

5) The investment and what it includes:

Our one year contract is priced at $450 per month for the first six months and $300 for the second six months, for a total of $4500 for the year. That cost covers a paid inclusion in Ask Jeeves and Inktomi.. If it is necessary to add the site to Yahoo, the yearly charge is $299.00, but we will help you decide if this listing is necessary for your site. 

This is what that fee includes:

  • Optimizing entire site and making monthly improvements

  • Search Engines  - Release any page not currently indexed to to search engines

  • Directories  - Request Links to 30 directories

  • Web Page Links - Request  links to 30 industry specific sites

  • Advertising/Sponsorship Identify 3 advertising possibilities

  • Other: Classifieds, newsgroups, blogs where indicated

This is a proven approach that hits the web from all angles to improve your traffic. Lets’s talk about when we can schedule your initial evaluation to get started. If you decide you want to include paid advertising, our team can advise and manage that campaign as well.

To get started, talk to your Full Partner Web Business Strategist at 800-778-0317.

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