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Queries and Reports

Queries and Reports

The Full Partner Web System Query Builder and Reports module keeps you in touch with the pulse of your online business. From tracking Email Broadcasts to seeing which of your Prospects have converted to Customers to getting valuable information at a glance as to what the bottom line is for any of your Products or Events. Utilizing the Query and Reporting facilities in Full Partner puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you enjoy the ride.

Filter Your Databases According to YOUR Unique Needs

With our easy to use Query Builders, you can define filtered lists from any database in the system to help put the power of a database driven website system to full use. Organize your Contacts, filter your Prospects based on Lead Source for quick Email Campaigns, create and a categorized Article Library, pull together a quick and easy Image Slide show, and much more. It is virtually limitless what kinds of queries you can run in our integrated database platform.

Powerful Reporting Puts YOU in Control

To help you monitor your online business, Full Partner equips you with its powerful report generator readily accessible form your Admin Menu, with interactive graphs and summaries also located on the Main Dash board. Choose from any of our Pre-installed ready to go Reports (see list below) or you can create any number of reports to access exactly the information you need. Subtotal and compare your data to help you analyze trends and get a concise picture of what is happening in your organization.

Standard Reports Ready for YOUR Online Business:

  • Inventory Reports for both Events and Products
  • Registrations by Event Summary
  • Sales by Date Summary
  • Sales by Item Summary
  • Sales by Order Summary
  • Sales by Order
  • Sales by Product and Event Summary
  • Sales by User Summary
  • Sales by Promotion Code Summary
  • User Balance Detail
  • User Open Invoices
  • Ability to Create Custom Reports
  • and more...


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