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Event Registration and Management System 

Events and Registration

Create and send as many events as you want.  Schedule Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Internet Events and more.  Offer Online and OnSite Registrations and Name Badges with and without bar codes.  Offer advance purchase discounts, group discounts and coupons.

You Can Manage Your:
Event Registration
Badge Printing
Point of Sale at Events

The features of our Event Registration and Management System package:

  • Set-up and manage an unlimited number of events.
  • Create and manage events of all kinds.
  • Allow participants to view event on your website in several ways you can choose:  calendars, lists by date, lists by event type, lists with brief descriptions or full descriptions.
  • Allow participants to easily register online and make payments through Full Partner's fully integrated shopping cart facility.
  • View your event reports by date, category to see registrations and attendance details, revenues and more.
  • At onsite events, you can handle walk up registrations in real time, taking payments and printing name badges.
  • Name badges can be bar coded, making it easy to scan for attendance at subsequent events.
  • Full Partner's point of sale facilities allow you to sell products right at an event.  Just use your laptop with a wireless internet connection and Full Partner's point of sale quick order entry system.  Expand your system with credit card swipers, bar code scanners (to scan bar coded items as quickly as they do in a grocery store) and receipt printers, all plugged into the USB ports of your laptop.  Let event participants buy items right away at the "back of the room", with all sales processed right away - no piles of forms to haul back to the office and enter manually the week after the event.



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