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Email Marketing

Create and broadcast as many email marketing campaigns as you want. Newsletters, offers, coupons, use effortless automated Autoresponders and drip marketing to improve your sales conversion rates.  Create, manage, run and integrate your tactical Internet Marketing campaigns.  Email broadcasts, surveys, coupons, sign-up forms and more.

You Can Manage Your:
Email Newsletters
Subscription Lists
Discount Promotions

The features of our Email Marketing System package:

  • Create Emails, Newsletters and Drip Marketing campaigns.
  • Set Autoresponders to react to your prospects and customers transactions.
  • Set-up and manage Subscription Lists
  • Upload new subscribers or download Users to Subscription Lists.
  • Create and manage promotions and advertising events.
  • See reports on emails sent, opens, unsubscribes and promotion code links.
  • View your emails sent history reports.

Full Partner has years of experience in email broadcasting.  No one gives you a higher delivery rates and our spam blocking and protection facilities are state of the art.   

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