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Customer Relationship Managment (Intranet - CRM)


The Full Partner Web System provides a suite of web-based applications to address the internal needs of your organization.  Known as an "Intranet", this is a private area on the Internet you can use to share information, collaborate on activities and manage your customers, prospects and sales opportunties. 

You Can Manage Your:
Users & Contacts
Appointments Calendar

Features of our Customer Relationship Management facility:

  • Intranet-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    • Users Contact Infomation
    • Prospects and Lead Sources
    • Companies Database
    • Manage your Sales Opportunities
  • Online Calendar for managing your Appointments and Tasks
  • Documents Management System in multiple formats
  • Project Management System
  • Task Manager to follow-up and keep notes on communications
  • Issue Manager - for handling customer support trouble tickets and solutoin tracking
  • Timeslips for hourly billing projects

Hand ShakeWith Full Partner you can quickly deploy a centralized information solution for your organization.  Access it any time of day from anywhere in the world using our fully integrated SaaS- Software as a Service system.

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