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With our Content Management System - CMS , you can set-up your website using our Do-It-Yourself (no HTML knowledge or programming required)  tools to create, manage, add or delete photos, videos or multi-media files and fully integrate your website and blog content.  Upload documents or video files for secure digital delivery, set-up products, keywords, prospect forms and more. 

You Can Manage Your:
Digital Downloads
Prospect Forms

The features of our Web Content Management System-CMS package:

  • Create Articles to display your website and blog content
  • Create Categories to allow tracking and sorting of content, events and other website elements
  • Set-up and control the Digital Downloads of documents, pictures, videos and other multi-media files
  • Upload Documents of all types e.g. PDF, MSWord .doc,
  • Upload Images of all kinds
  • Upload Multimedia including videos, .wmv, flash, podcasts and more
  • Manage your Products and Events
  • Automatic Email notification to your order fulfillment department
  • Create Prospect Forms to track and respond to your website leads
  • Manage Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to change the look and feel of your website

Yes, there are "free CMS" systems available, but you would have to install it yourself and manage all of the HTML and JAVA programming, coding and databases.  But the Full Partner Web System takes care of all that for you.  Plus it's fully integrated with every other component of the system, so your content can be used in your website, your emails, your online store just by selecting it from a list of your content database.

So, there is no need to hire programmers, lease servers, and there is no HTML coding required, etc.  So when you add in the cost of programming personnel and servers to a "free CMS", you will certainly save money and get a better, more comprehensive system with Full Partner, plus the tons of additional integrated features that the so called "free CMS" systems do not provide.

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