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With the Full Partner Web System you can build and support groups, associations and communities of interested customers or stakeholders.  Our Do It Yourself discussion boards, forums, chat rooms, shared events and resources make it easy and affordable.  Our fully integrated membership modules bring together all the content and communication tools you need to run your online group, association or community.

You Can Manage Your:
Membership Lists
Member Website Sections
Member Communications
Forums, Chats and Blogs

Features of our Communities and Membership Websites system:

  • Easy-to-manage membership website with unlimited different member pages and areas of content.
  • Email newsletters, blogs and discussion forums (discussion boards)
  • Online application and event registration forms for member-only events.
  • Secure password protected web pages available only to your Members, Board or Volunteers.
  • Membership database with automated monthly or annual dues billing and renewals.  Many options for payments, billing cycles, reminder notices, bad credit card handling and other tools you need to keep subscription-based membership groups current and paying.

Everything is integrated to save you time and money eliminating copying and pasting from one program to another.  Why have a separate business web site, a separate membership web site, yet another separate shopping cart system for payment processing, another for email broadcasting, etc., etc.??  Full Partner integrates it all for you, letting you focus on serving your members instead of hassling with incompatible programs all day. Our system can be placed on a VPN from ATT and a variety of other hosting options. We can help you decide.

Our Full Partner Web System is designed so that those with just Microsoft Office-level skills can easily update web site member pages and membership lists, so that your volunteers can pitch in to help. 

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