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Affiliate Marketing Package


The Affiliate Marketing Package provides your website with a comprehensive multi-level commission program (up to 5 levels deep) that will allow you to support unlimited affiliates. Affiliates sign up with you for free, then refer business to you via simple links on their email broadcasts and websites, using a simple affiliate code you give them. They provide marketing of your products and services at no up front cost to you! You only pay them a commission after you have made a sale to someone they refer to you.

To set up your Affiliate Program, the following pages are created on your Website:
  • Affiliate Information: Your visitors will have a general information page (click here to see a demo site info page) that serves to explain your program and its commission structure.
  • Sign up Now: This page provides a form for prospective affiliates to submit. (click here for a demo site form) This form will create a record in your Affiliates database that you can review and activate yourself in the Site Administrator. If you like the activation process can be made automatic
  • Affiliate Account Information: This page becomes visible only to activated affiliates and provides them a way to keep their account information up to date. It is basically identical to the Sign up Now form.
  • Traffic Reports: This page becomes visible only to activated affiliates and provides them with a full report on the website traffic generated by their affiliate code, including unique visitors, page views, and statistics on the number of subscription, prospect and sales records generated from these website visitors.
  • Commission Reports: This page becomes visible only to activated affiliates and provides them with a convenient way to view both pending and paid commissions
  • Banners & Links: This page becomes visible only to activated affiliates and provides them with a convenient way to obtain your website's banners and links that are pre-coded with the affiliate's code.
  • Reciprocal Links: Tie in to this optional page which provides a means for you to list the links to your affiliates' websites, as well as host other reciprocal links.
From your browser-based Full Partner Website Administrator, you can access these facilities:
  • Affiliates Finder: This application allows you to manage your affiliates, from activation, to updates of account information to deactivation if necessary.
  • Traffic Reports: Here you can generate traffic reports on any of the affiliates and see unique visitors, page views, and statistics on subscriptions, prospects and sales generated by the affiliate's visitors.
  • Commission Reports: Here you can generate commission reports on any or all affiliates and then export the report in PayPal Mass Pay format for easy payment via the PayPal system. As an alternative, you can pay commissions manually by check from the reports, or (coming soon) you can export the commission statements to Quick Books Online and have that application generate payments for you.
  • Setup Commission Charts: This application allows you to create commission charts to pay your affiliates. This is a multi-level affiliate program so you can have up to 5 levels of commissions. You can pay commissions based on a percentage of the sale or a flat dollar amount. You can also pay commissions on all products and all events, or on specific products or events, and pay different amounts or percentages as well. You can set up your commission charts.

Full Partner makes it easy to set up, manage and profit from a great Affiliate Marketing program.

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