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For the past 12 years, Full Partner, LLC has been building a powerful set of integrated web site, Internet Marketing and business management services. We provide effective, targeted marketing services, consulting, training and an array of tools to automate and streamline your day to day business.

Full Partner has now created its Promotional Products Business Marketing System for the promotional products home based business market. It gives new and existing Promotional Products distributors the help they need to market their services, create leads, track sales and communicate with their customers. It provides the great “missing link” that Promotional Products distributors have needed to be successful in their businesses. The Promotional Products Business Marketing Program includes the Setup Package and the Basic Monthly Service.  Add the Advanced Monthly Service to get hours of marketing effort by our experts just for your business!

Setup Package

  • $1,295 one time fee - only $995 until 2/1/2014
  • Consulting and evaluation with Full Partner’s marketing experts to craft marketing programs that will work best for the individual distributor
  • A professional, custom designed web site with the interactive elements needed to draw in prospects and convert them to customers. Each web site includes:
    • Content about the distributor: their logo, their lives, pictures of them, why they are in business, how they are choosing to serve the market. A great marketing technique that customers respond to!
    • An online catalog of products
    • Testimonials and case studies to build trust
    • A selection of pre-written content and online courses about the Promotional Products industry to educate and inspire customers about how these products can help their businesses and organizations
    • Ecommerce facilities with PayPal or other payment processing setup and ready to take orders online
    • Integration of Distributor Central’s product catalog search and supplier ordering systems, with wholesale price buying privileges
    • Customer stores for offering limited lines of products for individual customers. These can be duplicated and modified by the distributor for new customers
  • “Local” Search Engine Optimization to bring the website higher in search engine results for searches on promotional products services in their city and neighborhood.
  • Social media set up and marketing to create fans of the distributors and their services.
  • Customization of a suite of email templates used for customer communications, marketing programs, prospecting, lead management, education and inspiration.
  • Setup of an individual distributor account of Full Partner’s online business management system. One on one training.

Basic Monthly Service – “Marketing Tools Package”

  • $199 per month - just $149 per month if you sign up by 2/14/2014
  • Access to a Full Partner’s online business management system, including:
    • Contact List Management with appointment calendar and document sharing
    • Automated marketing campaigns facility with email autoresponders
    • Ecommerce
    • Email broadcasting capabilities
    • Online events registration
    • Ongoing technical support and training for the business management system
  • “Pajama Marketing” systems designed to generate leads and close business from the comfort of the distributors homes, such as CharityWares, a proven fundraising program for charities, churches and schools
  • Membership in the Mastermind Group, a community of promotional products distributors who help and support each other, while providing valuable advice and ideas for successful sales and services. Mastermind Groups meet twice monthly in online and live events
  • Free access to Weekly National Webinars that provide constant training to enhance each distributor’s skills and expertise.
  • Free access to the SelfEmployedU.com University and Full Partner.com University. These are collections of online courses and materials the distributor can use to improve their marketing and business
  • ASI training and certification

We look forward to bringing you the automated marketing programs, tools, advice, support and help you need to take your Promotional Products Business to new levels of success.  Get started today!

Purchase and delivery of these programs are subject to Full Partner's Terms and Conditions.

Promotional Products Marketing Program - SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR FIRST TEN CUSTOMERS. $1,295 set up discounted to $995. Monthly fees of $195 for Marketing Tools program plus $195 for Administrative Marketing Services program (a $390 per month value), both for just $149 per month for the first year.

Monthly Payment Plan: $995.00 today, and payments of $149.00 starting on February 23, 2018. One payment will be automatically charged each month. You may cancel at anytime.

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Promo Products Marketing Program - Annual Payment with 10% Discount on Monthly Fees

Promo Products Marketing Program - $995 setup plus $149 per month - paid annually for 11 months - with 10% discount on the $149 per month

Promo Products Marketing Program - $995 setup plus $149 per month - paid annually for 11 months - with 10% discount on the $149 per month

$ 2,470.10

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