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Why Use Full Partner's Web System?


Putting Together an Intranet

The goal is clear:  allow the members of your organization to share information and collaborate on activities and tasks.  The path to get there is not so clear.  Do you purchase multiple software products and install them on your own network servers?  How do you provide connectivity to those servers securely and affordably to members spread across your offices, perhaps even spread worldwide?

The Full Partner Way

The Full Partner Web System makes it easy.  For a single, inclusive monthly fee, you get immediate access to a powerful suite of tools, including shared calendar and tasks lists, customer relationship management (CRM) tools for managing prospects, customers, opportunities and sales.  Handle customer support cases and solutions and even product order fulfillment.

Plus, all these tools are fully integrated with Full Partner's Web Site Builder and Web Marketing systems.  For example, if a customer purchases a product on the web site, that transaction is automatically recorded in the CRM system.  Looking at a customer's record there will show all their transactions, as well as all emails sent to them via the Web Marketing system, and more.  Learn more...

Building a Web Site

You face a bewildering array of options when you decide to create or upgrade your web site.  Let's take a look.

Ways to Create a Web Site

Here are the main options you have had to get your web site built:

  1. Custom Built From Scratch.  This can mean anything from hiring your nephew who "knows some HTML", paying him a few hundred dollars, to bringing in an established web development company to build your site, paying them thousands or more likely tens of thousands of dollars. The final product may be a quite functional web site, but you'll have to go back to your developer every time you want any changes made on your site. With this option, the ongoing maintenance fees really add up, leading to the "black hole" of expense that has given web sites such a bad name with companies interested in a clear return on their investment.
  2. Use one of the cheap, template-based "web builder" services.  These services allow you to quickly create a small web site of perhaps 5 to 15 pages, and even provide some ecommerce capability.  They don't cost much, but they limit you to their pre-built layouts and navigation schemes, and can't be expanded and customized.  You'll run out of steam with these services quickly.
  3. Purchase and Install High-End Commercial Packages. These packages can provide enterprise-level functionality that allows your web site to grow with your company, but at an up front cost of anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000, plus significant on-going maintenance costs that can easily cost thousands of dollars each month for hosting and technical staff.

The Full Partner Way

The Full Partner Web Site System is the perfect solution for thousands of small to medium size businesses, and for departmental web sites of large corporations.  It avoids the problems companies like yours have encountered in the past with web site development and maintenance.  Here's why...

  1. The Full Partner Web Site System has the features of a high-end commercial package that provides powerful, enterprise-level functionality for your web site.  The System will grow with your company, supporting high levels of site traffic, lots of pages and content, personalization, robust ecommerce, and more.
  2. Full Partner "rents" you this high-end software for a low monthly fee that's just a few dollars more per day than the cheap template-based web builder systems.  You get access to all the Full Partner Web Site System features you need, plus hosting, lots of bandwidth and email addresses, backup, 24x7x365 maintenance and phone support.  You don't need to purchase high-end hardware, software or technical staff to have a high-end web site.
  3. Full Partner jump starts your successful web site with affordable analysis, design and setup packages.  These packages guarantee that you'll have a fully functional web site in days, not months, at a predictable price.  Full Partner can do this because of its years of web site development experience, and its knowledge of good web design and implementation.  You won't get stuck spending months figuring out how the web can work for you, and how to build the web site that does that. 
  4. Full Partner trains you to manage your own web site, using the unique Full Partner Web Site System.  You and your non-technical staff can change layouts and navigation schemes, add pages and content, specify which content should appear on which pages, and add special features to any page, anywhere on the page.  The result is that those in your business that are responsible for creating content for the web can place it there themselves, editing it anytime they need to.  You save money every time you don't have to call a developer to help you change your web site!

Find out for yourself why Full Partner's customers are so happy with the Full Partner Web Site Builder.  Learn more...

Web Marketing

The Full Partner Web System's Web Marketing facility provides a suite of tools to market your business to new and existing customers.  It lets you make maximum use of the internet, saving time and money as it gets your message out and brings business in.  Create personalized email marketing campaigns, even targeting these to individual users who buy a specific product or service.  Set up Affiliates that can route thousands of users to your site and receive commissions for their purchases.

Creating and managing web marketing campaigns can be a tedious and complex process.  Once you know the message you want to convey, it can take weeks to create the good looking HTML-style emails and web site landing pages that do justice to that message.  Plain text emails no longer have the impact that makes potential customers respond.  Full Partner can simplify and streamline that process, letting non-experts design and conduct powerful, effective campaigns.  Learn more...

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